Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trending in Bathroom Decor: Resurgence of Encaustic Tile

They're back! More commonly found in kitchens, the bold colors and patterns of encaustic tiles have made their way into bathroom decor. As you can see these, these tiles are a unique way to add colorful accents to dull bathrooms no matter their square footage. Look at the bathrooms below that feature encaustic tile and give a nod to English and Mediterranean interior design style as featured on My First Little Place and Apartment Therapy.

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles that get their bold colors from clay instead of glaze. They faded in and out of popularity throughout history but peaked in the 1300s and again in the mid-1700s through the early 1900s. These bathroom designs from Houzz and The Antique Floor Company reflect that historical significance in their rich and traditional decor choice.

Encaustic tiles don't have to look "old world" and steeped in history. If you have a more modern aesthetic, there are plenty of new companies and designers creating contemporary tile patterns. Look at these examples from VT Interiors and Simples Decoração that pair modern accessories with bold encaustic tile patterns. 

Would you add encaustic tiles to your bathroom? 

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