Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Products We Love! Kimberly Vorperian of Bodhi Basics Interview Part II

Finding a new product that can transform an ordinary shower into a spa-like experience full of luxury and tranquility is something we love -- and Bodhi Basics soap company doesn’t disappoint! Not long ago I sat down with Kim Vorperian, owner of this handcrafted and organic soap line based out of Florida. Her soap comes in enticing flavors like French Clay & Avocado and Hibiscus Spice. Kim also has a line of soap for dogs like her furry best friend, a rescue dog named Bodhi. During this second part of our interview, we talked more about her favorite bath decor, what helps create the ultimate bath experience, and how hard it can be to get a dog to take a bath.

Everyone has a go-to bath accessory and Kim’s is the loofah “hands down.” “What can’t you like about them? They extend the life of soap, which a lot of people don’t know. They are also super good for your skin because they’re exfoliating.” Her favorite piece of bathroom decor is her new clawfoot bath tub, which gives her bathroom a classic elegance while letting her bath in space and luxury.

Besides a time to get clean, Kim sees the shower experience as a “time to be alone and relax, wash away your day, or take a new start to your day.” Unlike many other soaps, Bodhi Basics soaps are scented with essential oils to promote a relaxing environment. “When the hot water and soap mix, the steam is filled with the essential oil aroma,” Kim said. “Let’s say you’re using the Lavender Bar -- lavender essential oil will be dispersed in your shower and you’ll get a super calming effect. Essential oils help relax you that way -- through direct contact as well as aromatherapy.”

The effects of essential oils can even work on dogs! One of Bodhi Basics’ customers has a dog that despises bath time. “A lot of our soaps use lavender,” Kim said, which is historically known for its calming properties. “Our customer said when she was giving her dog a bath, the dog calmed down almost immediately from smelling the lavender. The dog was the calmest she’s ever been in the bath and just seemed to enjoy it, which was totally crazy.” 

Bodhi, Kim’s dog, is great in the bath. “He loves baths. I’ll just tell him, ‘Hey it’s _______ time,’ and he’ll just run into the bathroom,” Kim said. “I can’t actually say the word or he’ll run into the bathroom and hop in the tub!” When they’re not making soap, you can find Kim and Bodhi at the dog park perfecting Bodhi’s tricks. “One of his nicknames is Bodhi Hi Fives,” said Kim. “On good days, he can give you a high ten! Those are special. You have to watch out for them, though... They can be dangerous.”

Currently, you can find Kim’s soap online on her website, BodhiBasics.com, as well as at her Etsy shop under the same name. They have been sold world-wide and can also be found in boutique stores throughout the U.S., including Florida, Texas, Maryland, and California. 


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